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The Lcang bu inscription
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1. Content : Stele inscriptions - The Lcang bu inscription

2. Note : Complete text consisted of 46 lines on the South face and 21 lines on the East face. Now lines 1-3 and lines 38-47 on the South face are concealed by the capital and base. The text is mainly edited based on the rubbing in Wang (1982) and photographs taken by Yoshiharu Takahashi and rubbings taken by H.E.Richardson, now preserved in the British Library. The final line of the East face contains the sole word 'bkra shis,' this is likely a later addition and is omitted from our text.
[location] in the court yard of the Mtshur phu Monastery, 80 kilometers West of Lhasa.
[date] reign of Khri gtsug lde brtsan (815-841).
[condition] extant but lines 1-3 are covered by the capital and lines 38-47 by the base (Takeuchi 1999: 233).
[images] Wang (1982: plate 18): south face, lines 1-45, (plate 19): South face, lines 12-27 (enlarged), Pitt Rivers Museum and the British Museum (Web: plate 2001. South face, lines 17-46

3. References :

Richardson (1949) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Tucci (1950: 16-18, 87-90) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Wang (1982: 173-181) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Bsod nams skyid (1984: 114-120) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Richardson (1985: 92-105) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Li and Coblin (1987: 300-315) [I.Translit., I.Trans.].

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(s1) $ / / zhang tshes pong stag bzang nya stos /
(s2) stod kyi lcang bur / gtsug lag khang brtsIgs
(s3) pa'I lo rgyus / / rdo rings la brI bar / / btsan
(s4) po'i bka's gnang ste bris pa' / /
(s5) $ / / btsan po lha sras yab myes kyi sku ring la /
(s6) dam pa'I chos brnyes nas / / gdung rabs
(s7) su dam pa'I chos myI gtang zhing mdzad par
(s8) chos gtsigs dang / bka' lung stsald pa
(s9) las 'byung ba bzhIn / / zhang tshes pong nya stos /
(s10) dam pa'I chos nyams su blangs / / btsan
(s11) po lha sras / khrI gtsug lde brtsan 'phrul gyi
(s12) bka' drIn / / zhang nya sto la cher stsald pas
(s13) / bka' drIn chen po bsab pa'I phyir / /
(s14) btsan po sku yon du bsngos te / / smon lam
(s15) rgya cher btab nas / / stod lungs kyI lcang bur
(s16) / gtsug lag khang brtsIgs ste / / dkon
(s17) mchog gsum gyI rten btsugs / / dge
(s18) slong bzhI gnas par sbyar nas / / rkyen kyI
(s19) bran dang / zhIng 'brog dang / lha cha dang / nor rdzas
(s20) dang / rkang 'gros las stsogs pa / tshang bar
(s21) bcad de / / btsan po khri gtsug lde brtsan
(s22) gyi sku yon rgyun myI 'chad par byed do / /
(s23) gtsug lag khang 'dI'i mtshan yang / /
(s24) btsan po'i bka' zhal gyIs btags ste /
(s25) 'on cang do'i thugs dam gyI gtsug lag
(s26) khang chen po'i mjug la gdags shIng /
(s27) chis kyang / / bla nas mdzad par / / bka's
(s28) gnang / / lha rIs kyi 'bangs dang / dkor
(s29) la / khral myI dbab pa dang / khva dang / chad ka
(s30) myi bzhes pa las stsogs pa yang / / lha rIs
(s31) chen po'i thang du / / bka's gnang ngo / /
(s32) gtsug lag khang 'dI'i rkyen rIs bsngo zhing
(s33) spyad pa yang / / zhang nya stos / jI ltar byas shIng /
(s34) bsngos pa bzhIn brtsan bar / / bka's gnango /
(s35) $ / nam zhIg na / / zhang nya sto la / bu tsha rgyud yong
(s36) myed pa zhIg du gyur na / / khol yul las stsogs
(s37) pa dbang ngo cog / / blar yang myI bzhes /
(s38) gyang myI sbyin bar / / gtsug las khang 'dI rkyen /
(s39) du bsnan par / / bka's gnang ngo / /
(s40) gtsug lag khang gI rkyen bcad pa'i dkar
(s41) cag dang / bsngos yIg bla dpe ni / / bcom ldan
(s42) 'da's rIng lugs kyi 'dun sar bzhag / /
(s43) 'og dpe ni / / 'on cang do gtsug lag khang gI
(s44) gnas brtan dang / mngan la stsald / / dpe
(s45) de dang 'dra ba gcIg ni / / gtsug lag khang
(s46) 'dir gzhag par / / bka's gnang ngo / /
(e1) $ / zhang tshes pong
(e2) gsas sto'i bu
(e3) tsha / / gtsIgs
(e4) gnang ba'I / bla
(e5) dpe ni / / phyIng ba
(e6) 'I skun mkhar
(e7) na / / gtsIgs
(e8) chen po gzhan gyI
(e9) zla la bzhag / / de
(e10) dang 'dra ba rnam
(e11) gcIg ni / gtsigs
(e12) gzhan gyI zla la /
(e13) bka'I sar bzhag
(e14) / gtsIgs kyi /
(e15) 'og dpe 'phra
(e16) men gyI sgrom bu
(e17) ni / gtsug lag
(e18) khang 'dI'i mdzod
(e19) du gzhag par /
(e20) bka's gnang
(e21) ngo / /