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Afridi, Banat Gul
1988 Baltistan in History, Emjay Books International, Peshawar.
An Xu 安 旭
1982 "Xizang Sangyuan si zhudian bihua lüekao" 西藏桑鳶寺主殿壁畫略考 (= Notes on the Wall Paintings in the Main Hall of Sang Yuan Temple Xizang (Tibet)), <ref>WW</ref>, 1982/8, 1-6.
Bacot, Jacques
1956 "Reconnaissance en Haute Asie septentrionale par cinq envoyés ouigours au VIIIe siècle", <ref>JA</ref>, 244, 137-153.
Bacot, Jacques, Thomas, Frederick William and Toussaint, Gustave-Charles
1940-1946 "Documents de Touen-houang relatifs à l'histoire du Tibet", Librairie orientaliste Paul Geuthner, Paris.
Bandini-König, Ditte
2009 Die Felsbildstation Thalpan IV (Materialen sur Archäologie der Nordgebiete Pakistans, Band 9), Mainz, 2009, Verlag Philipp von Zabern.
Barnett, M. A. and Francke, A. H
1907 Tibetan Manuscripts and Sgraffiti Discovered by Dr. M. A. Stein at Endere, Stein1907, 548-569.
Baumer, Christoph
2000 Southern Silk Road: In the Footsteps of Sir Aurel Stein and Sven Hedin, Orchid Press, Bangkok.
Beckwith, Christopher I.
1977 "A study of the Early Medieval Chinese, Latin, and Tibetan historical sources on Pre-Imperial Tibet", Ph.D. Dissertation, Indiana University.
Beckwith, Christopher I.
1987 "The Tibetan Empire in Central Asia", Princeton University Press, Princeton.
Beijing Tushuguan jinshi zu 北京圖書館金石組
1989 "Beijing Tushuguan cang Zhongguo lidai shike taben huibian" 北京圖書館藏中國歴代石刻拓本滙編 (= A Compilation of Rubbings of Chinese Historical Stone Inscriptions Held at the Beijing Library), vol.30, Zhongzhou guji chubanshe 中州古籍出版社, Zhengzhou.