The Lcang bu inscription

Locationin the court yard of the Mtshur phu Monastery, 80 kilometers West of Lhasa.
Datereign of Khri gtsug lde brtsan (815-841).
Conditionextant but lines 1-3 are covered by the capital and lines 38-47 by the base (Takeuchi 1999: 233).
ImagesPitt Rivers Museum and the British Museum (Web: plate 2001. plate 2001. South face, lines 17-46Wang (1982: plate 18): plate 18: south face, lines 1-45Wang (1982: plate 19): plate 19: South face, lines 12-27 (enlarged)
RefsRichardson (1949) ITLSTucci (1950: 16-18, 87-90): 16-18, 87-90 ITLSWang (1982: 173-181): 173-181 ITLSBsod nams skyid (1984: 114-120): 114-120 ITLSRichardson (1985: 92-105): 92-105 ITLSLi and Coblin (1987: 300-315): 300-315 ITLS
NoteComplete text consisted of 46 lines on the South face and 21 lines on the East face. Now lines 1-3 and lines 38-47 on the South face are concealed by the capital and base. The text is mainly edited based on the rubbing in Wang (1982) and photographs taken by Yoshiharu Takahashi and rubbings taken by H.E.Richardson, now preserved in the British Library. The final line of the East face contains the sole word 'bkra shis,' this is likely a later addition and is omitted from our text.