Inscription of AvalokiteĊ›vara found at Spu hreng

Location"This stone stele stands on the roadside at Zhi-bde village, on the south bank of the Peacock River in sPu-hreng county" ('Jam dbyangs and Wang: 173).
Images'Jam dbyangs and Wang (2000: 172, pl.102): 172, pl.102: Left face, lines 1-24: Reft face, lines 1-19
RefsTshe ring chos rgya and Zla ba tshe ring (1994) ITLVitali (1996: 168-169): 168-169 ITLS
NoteComplete text. West face: 24 lines. East face: 19 lines. The text is edited based on the photograph of the rubbings in 'Jam dbyangs and Wang (2000: 172, pl.102).