First stele at Gtsang Grong

LocationGtsang Grong.
ConditionCut into several pieces, of which two are used for building a stūpa (Takeuchi 1999: 234).
ImagesRichardson (1985: plates 15 and 16): plates 15 and 16
RefsRichardson (1985: 154-155): 154-155 PTLS
NoteCut into several pieces, of which only two are found by Tsuguhito Takeuchi. Piece 1 of face A: 5 lines. Piece 1 of face B: right side of 7 lines. Piece 2 of face C: 6 lines. Piece 2 of face D: left side of the image of the Boddhisattva. According to Plate 16 of Richardson (1985), face D had 5 lines below the image of a Bodhisattva. The text of face A is edited based on the plate 30 of Takeuchi (1999). faces B and C are based on Tsuguhito Takeuchi's personal notes. Face D is edited based on Plate 16 of Richardson (1985).