Inscription II at 'Bis khog

Locationin the 'Bis rnam snang temple (or the Wenchen gongzhu miao 文成公主廟, the temple of Princess Wenchen) at 'Bis khog, 25 kilometers up the Dpal chu valley from Jyekundo (Skye rgu mdo, Yushu 玉樹).
Date806 (but the tablet itself was made much later).
ImagesKarmay (1997: plate 5): plate 5. Plate 3 (p.xii)
RefsHeller (1994b: 77): 77 PTHeller (1997)Karmay (1997) ITLSImaeda (2007b)
NoteComplete text. 10 lines. An engraved tablet in the wall of the 'Bis rnam snang temple. Apparently it is a duplicate version of the second part of Inscription I engraved on the rock to the left side of the temple (see 2.2.1, p.88). The text is edited based on the photograph in Karmay (1997: plate 5) and a photograph taken by Kazushi Iwao (see p.xii, plate 3).