The Lho brag inscriptions

Location"One of the inscriptions is visible on the rock which lies along the hill on the right side of the Community Town which is fifty miles to the north of the Lho brag district market town. The second one is visible on the rock at the junction of the Lhobrag western river and the Sman thang river, to the north-east of Lho brag district market town." (Pasang 1983: 62).
Conditionextant. Two inscriptions are identical in content.
ImagesHazod (2009: 191, plate 10a): 191, plate 10a
RefsLi and Coblin (1987: 353-360): 353-360 ITLSRichardson (1987b: 6-12; 1998: 264-269): 6-12; 1998: 264-269 ITLS
NoteComplete text. 7 lines. The text is based on the readings of Li and Coblin (1987).