Inscriptions on the eastern wall of the Hall of Endere

Locationwalls of the open hall (E.iii) east of the temple (E.III) at Endere. For the location of the temple, see Stein (1907: vol.2, pl.XXXVI).
ImagesBaumer (2000: 41, pl.19): 41, pl.19Stein (1907: pl.XI): pl.XI: see plate 11 (p.xvi)
RefsBarnett and Francke (1907: 568-569): 568-569 ITLS
NoteText A: fragment. 1 line. Text B: fragment. 2 lines. Text C: complete text. 3 lines. Text D: fragment. 2 lines. Text E: fragment. 1 line. Text F: 2 lines.