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Or. 8212/194(b)
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1. Content : A contract for the borrowing of a piece of rag.

2. Note : Sheet. Complete text. Recto, 4 lines with 2 round vermilion seals. Verso, blank.

3. References :

Takeuchi (1995: Plates 49), Takeuchi (2016: pl. 47).

Takeuchi (1995: 293-294) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Takeuchi (2016: 322-323) [I.Translit., I.Trans.].

Transliteration   (Change the Display Format)

(1) /:/ li tsheng tse 'i gso' bal kin bcu zhig / rgod sar gyi sde / wang [lyang] tsun gis snga g.yar du
(2) 'tshal te / / slar 'bul ba'i dus ni / byi ba lo'i dbyar sla 'bring po tshun chad gyis 'bul bar bgyis / dus
(3) der ma pul na / gyur chig [gis] bsnan te 'bul bar bgyis pa'i dpang la ### (a round vermilion seal)
(4) ### lastsogs [pa'i] dpang rgya dang / lyang tsun gyi sug rgya[s] bta[b] [pa] (a round vermilion seal)