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Or.8212/1834c (= unnumbered.(Khotan).)
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1. Content : sale contract

2. Note : Badly damaged paper with many holes; several holes seems to have been cut intentionally.Recto, 6 lines. Verso, 5 lines.

3. References :

Takeuchi (1997-98: no.359)[I.Translit.].

Transliteration   (Change the Display Format)

(r1) lugi lo'i d[---] // li bla [blon khri gda'm] dang / sp[y]an blon dpal bzher lastsogs pa'i 'dun sa / 'u te[n sh]
(r2) [---] zha pong gis pho [bran?] gchig mjal pa'I [myi ---us dang tsha]n la /cang
(r3) ---s bgyis [---]ig mjal te / sha [---]n *** / bran [---]' [---]I la ---
(r4) ---s ci byung ya[ng] rung ste / [---n te mchid myi 'tshal---]
(r5) ---i dpang [---] te mchis pa la / bran [bu?] 'di---
(r6) (illegible)
(v1) --- rung na ---
(v2) ---nas chags---
(v3) ---'di g[nyis]---
(v4) ---yino / zhing der
(v5) *** khrom skyes gyi dpang rgya**