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Pelliot tib├ętain 1297.4
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1. Content : Contract for hiring a man to reap the harvest of a barley field.

2. Note : sheet. Badly damaged. Recto, 8 lines with 2 illegible round vermilion seals and a finger-measure containing an inverted line at the bottom. Three additional writings in vermilion are found below ll. 1, 8. Verso, covered with the back-up paper. Cf. Takeuchi (1995: 153-154).

3. References :

Choix II (pl. 612).

Lalou (1939-1961: III, 5) [P.Translit.],

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(1) $ / / [sta]g gi lo la / / dge slong cang he dz[e]ng gi [---] / [---]
(2) [---] dge [slong cang] he dzeng la' / [stong] sar sde / / shi pyi shi' gyis / / nas zhing lhu bcu zhig brnga'
(3) ba'i sla[-] [---] / ston sla ra ba la zhing thog nas brnga bar bgyis / dus der ma brngastebrngas te
(4) [---] lo bgyistebgyis te / [pyi] [---] [-rd] na / / 'phral gyi thog lhu bchu brnga' ba'I yul thang dang sbyard nas ji tsham 'babs
(5) ban [de] la stsald par bgyis / / phyi shi brgya' la rje blas gyis bskaldebskald de ma mchis par gyur na gong na smos pa bzhin du
(6) m[ja-] [---] [']jal par byis / / pa'i dpang la / / ^Im lha legs dang / kvag stag [stsa]n dang
(7) wang g.yu ston dang cang tshe tshe la stsogs pa'i [---] [dang shi] pyi shi smad kyis gyi sug rgya dang sug yig tshad kyis
(8) [bta]b pas (inverted<) [---] shI pyI [shI'i] sug [yig] tshad (>inverted)
(ad1) stagistag gi lo'i dpyid [---] khas len [byis?]
(ad2) sug rgya dang sug yig tsha stag
(ad3) [---] dze tse 'ba' wa [---] stag zha[-]