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Pelliot tib├ętain 2127
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1. Content : A contract for the borrowing of cotton.

2. Note : Sheet. Complete text. The sheet is attached to the end of a long scroll of a Chinese text. Recto, 10 lines. Three round vermilion seals and the hand-letter-measures are found below the main text.

3. References :

ChoixII (pl. 630), Takeuchi (1995: Plates 16), Takeuchi (2016: Pl. 14).

Takeuchi (1995: 59)[I.Trans.], Takeuchi (1995: 184-186)[I.Translit., I.Trans.], Takeuchi (2016: 58-59)[I.Trans.], Takeuchi (2016: 195-197)[I.Translit., I.Trans.].

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(1) [---] / 'd[e] cang '[e] shung la[s]
(2) [---] [he] eng gyis snga skyin du 'tshal nas sla 'bul
(3) [pa du] n[i] / stag gi lo'i dpyid sla tha chungs tses la 'pul par bgyis brgya la
(4) du der ma pul na gcig las gnyisu ras rab 'bul par bgyis / ras gyi gta
(5) tog le bre gsum shong ba g[tsa]g spu [rgu?] yang yal nas gyang gyur du 'bul
(6) par bgyis brgya la ban 'de he eng ma mchis na khas len then bun 'de tseg gong
(7) na smos pa dang je'u hvo 'do gsuemg[nyis] khang mchis pral du 'pul bgyis pa'i
(8) dbang la ban 'de cang he che'utshe'u dang cang ka shun ### las stso[g]
(9) pa'i dbang rgya he eng dang khas len gnyis gyi sug yig dang sug rgya btab pha /
(10a) (inverted line<) [he tshe'u sug yig] tsad ba (>inverted line)
(10b) (inverted line<) je'u hvo 'do'i sug yig tsad btab pa (>inverted line)