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Inscription II at 'Bis khog
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1. Content : Tablet inscriptions - Inscription II at 'Bis khog

2. Note : Complete text. 10 lines. An engraved tablet in the wall of the 'Bis rnam snang temple. Apparently it is a duplicate version of the second part of Inscription I engraved on the rock to the left side of the temple (see 2.2.1, p.88). The text is edited based on the photograph in Karmay (1997: plate 5) and a photograph taken by Kazushi Iwao (see p.xii, plate 3).
[location] in the 'Bis rnam snang temple (or the Wenchen gongzhu miao 文成公主廟, the temple of Princess Wenchen) at 'Bis khog, 25 kilometers up the Dpal chu valley from Jyekundo (Skye rgu mdo, Yushu 玉樹).
[date] 806 (but the tablet itself was made much later).
[condition] extant.
[images] Guojia wenwuju (1996: 106), Karmay (1997: plate 5). Plate 3 (p.xii).

3. References :

Gnya' gong and Padma 'bum (1988) [I.Translit.], Heller (1994b: 77) [P.Trans.], Gdugs dkar (1996) [I.Translit.], Heller (1997), Karmay (1997) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Imaeda (2007b).

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(1) $ / khyI'i lo la sku gzugs 'bur du brkos pa dang
(2) dar ma kun brIs pa'I smon lam la sogs pa btsan po khrI lde srang btsan gyI
(3) sku ring la rje blon yon bdag dang sems can thams cad kyI don gyi phyir dge
(4) slong lo chen ye shes dbyangs kyIs bgyIstebgyIs te / bzo ba dge slong rIn snang mdzad dang / rgyal
(5) gzang dang dpal ldan dang lag dpon thams cad dge legs su byed pa gtsug nas
(6) gla la mI stobs ldan rnamsternams te / brag la sku gzugs dang dar ma 'dI rnams brIs pa dang
(7) dkon mchog gsum gyi rten gyI rnam pa sems can gang dag gIs mthong
(8) ba dang reg pa dang phyag 'tshal ba dang thos pa dang dran pa'I bsod nams
(9) dang ye she kyIs btsan po yab sras dang sems can thams cad bla
(10) na med pa'I byang chub du grub par smon to / /