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Inscriptions in the temple cella of Endere
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1. Content : Wall inscriptions - Inscriptions in the temple cella of Endere

2. Note : Text A: the left edge is missing. 3 lines. Text B: the left edge is missing. 2 lines. Text C: the end is missing. 4 lines.
[location] walls of the temple cella (E.I) at Endere. For the location, see Stein (1907: vol.2, Pl. XXXVI)
[date] ?
[condition] extant.
[images] Stein (1907: pl.XII).

3. References :

Barnett and Francke (1907: 566-568) [I.Translit., I.Trans.].

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(a1) [---] za[r] [---] [wu]g lha phyagIphyag gI
(a2) [---] yon [---] [mchi]so[mchi]s so / dar sna dang nor bu bzang /
(a3) [---] [phul] sna gsoldugsold du lo phyag kyang 'tshalo'tshal lo
(b1) [---] ga zhi ba[s ro] rk'u [sla] yon gsoldes+l READ: gsol de phyag 'tshald pa'i /
(b2) [---] zhi bas ma ba blta na grub [ba] myi phyugs la nongs yo ma mchis pa so na to
(c1) ro klu 'daM bro lastsogs phas yon du
(c2) bal kyi glang po n[i] phul [ste] sla yul du
(c3) myI rta la no yo myedemyed de nor zas
(c4) rtsa phrade yul / du phyi[---] [---]