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The bell at Khra 'brug
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1. Content : Bell inscriptions - The bell at Khra 'brug

2. Note : Complete text consisted of 12 lines (2 lines on each six faces) before it was lost. The text is based on the readings of Li and Coblin (1987).
[location] Khra 'brug in the Yar lung Valley, 29.1°N 91.7°E.
[date] reign of Khri lde srong brtsan (ca 799-815).
[condition] lost.
[images] Pitt Rivers Museum and the British Museum (Web: plate 2001. no text visible.

3. References :

Richardson (1954: 169-171) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Wang (1982: 191-193) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Bsod nams skyid (1984: 129-132) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Richardson (1985: 82-83) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Li and Coblin (1987: 340-346) [I.Translit., I.Trans.], Bsod nams (1991) [I.Trans.], Chen and Wang (2003: 95-96, 100) [I.Translit., I.Trans.].

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(1) lha'I rnga sgra bar snang la
(2) grag pa dang 'dra bar
(3) drIl chen po 'dI yang lha
(4) btsan po khri lde srong brtsan
(5) gyi du [---] snan 'grangs
(6) pa bzhugs so sol
(7) tshal gyI sku yon dang
(8) sems can thams cad
(9) dge ba la bskul ba'I phyir
(10) yon bdag jo mo byang chub kyIs
(11) bgyIs nas mkhen pho rgya'I
(12) dge slong rin cen gyIs blugs so