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Third inscription at Ldan ma brag
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1. Content : Rock inscriptions - Third inscription at Ldan ma brag

2. Note : Complete text. 1 line. The text is based on the readings of Heller (1994a).
[location] Ldan ma brag tsa (97.5° N 30.5° E) near the village of Ri mda' in the disctrict of Byams mdun under the jurisdiction of Chab mdo.
[date] 804.
[condition] extant.
[images] No published photograph.

3. References :

Chab spel (1988) [I.Translit.], Richardson (1988), Heller (1994a) [I.Translit.], Heller (1994b), Heller (1997).

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(1) / / ye shes dbyangs kyi yol dang 'bom dang led [---] bi'u du yang rgya che [---] bris so / mkhen ni dge slong ring rdo rjes /