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Inscription at Leb khog
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1. Content : Rock inscriptions - Inscription at Leb khog

2. Note : Complete text. 3 lines. The text is based on the reading of the original inscription by Kazushi Iwao.
[location] in the district of Leb khog near Jyekundo (Skye rgu mdo, Yushu 玉樹).
[date] ?
[condition] extant.
[images] Heller (1997, plates 6 and 7, caption is mistaken) too small to be legible. Plate 7 (p.xiv).

3. References :

Heller (1997: 393) [I.Translit., I.Trans.].

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(1) sangs rgyas rnam par snang mdzad dang
(2) phyag na rdo rje dang ^a rya ba lo la phyag 'tshal
(3) rta'i lo la bgyIs