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Fragmented tablet from Yer pa
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1. Content : Tablet inscriptions - Fragmented tablet from Yer pa

2. Note : Complete text. 2 lines on each of four faces (faces A-D). The text is edited based on unpublished photographs taken by Brandon Dotson. Plate 4 (p.xiii) is one of these photographs.
[location] Brag Yer pa, 24 kilometers northeast of Lhasa.
[date] ?
[condition] extant.
[images] 'Jam dbyangs and Wang (2000: plate 100): face A. Plate 4 (p.xiii): faces A and D.

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(a1) dge slong
(a2) dpal gyI rdo rje
(b1) dge slong ma
(b2) rgyal baiba'i blo gros
(c1) blon mang [rje?]
(c2) legs zIgs
(d1) bl[o]n legs
(d2) suM rje klu dpalP+l