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Or.15000/62 (= M.Tagh.a.I.0031)
1. Content : Document, list of watchmen; table of Tibetan alphabets.
2. Note : Fragment. Five pieces: four small frags., once pasted on the larger frag., were separated during the conservation process. They contain the same writing, but their relative position is not clear. Recto lists names of Khotanese watchmen posted in each tshar. On verso is a table of the Tibetan alphabets. Note that the character ba is inserted between la and sha. Below the table is another line of scribling. Also, a line of very faint writing is visible near the bottom edge, but too faint to ascertain whether it is Tibetan or Brahmi. Cf. 0r.15000/0009, 0072, 0102, 0183, and 0214. Recto, 16 lines. Verso, 3 lines.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.1: pl.122).
Thomas (1951: 174-175)[I.Translit.,I.Trans.], Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.2: no.122)[I.Translit.].

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(r1) [---] tshard [sna? ban] / gyi
(r2) [---] mu [bgum (/bgu)] sde [ra sangs cis?]
(r3) [---] tshar dro dir gi li / hul
(r4) [---] [stod] bu cung gi sde rlo sag myi /
(r5) [---] [ph]un de / : / drugu 'or na [ne] shang sde 'a zha /
(r6) [---] sde'i li yeye tshar dos gi nya'i li mu
(r7) [---] stag po tshar bar mo ro nya'i li byi de tshard
(r8) [---] / : / pe'u mar na 'bro mya'i sde co ze lha
(r9) [---] [srang] dir shi li ku zh[u] srang byi non zha’i [---]
(r10) [---]m kong tshar las ro nya'i seng ge la[---]
(r11) [---]'i li shar ne / : / snang gsal legs [gyi?]
(r12) [---]rd [---] sha'i [---]r tshar dang ci[---]
(r13) [---] zh[es] [---]is bgyi[s? pa? na] khri [rang? gi]
(r14) [---] / tshar ha ma [par?] nya'i / li blo[---]
(r15) [---] su [---]' na / [khri rang gi] [---]
(r16) [---] li shi nir tshar [---]
(v1) $ / : / [ka kha ga] nga / ca cha ja [---]
(v2) za 'a ya ra la ba sha sa ha ^a
(v3) la so ma [sde] [yi] ###