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Or.15000/76 (= M.Tagh. a. II. 0099)
1. Content : Buddhist text and divination with dice.
2. Note : Two fragments bear the same site number, but they are not likely form a single piece. The beginning and the end are missing. Smaller fragment (A): 6 lines, the banning by mantra of eating evil foods. Larger fragment (B): 9 lines, possibly a part of a dice divination text.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997: pl. 138).
Takeuchi (1998: 45) [I.Translit.].

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(A1) $ /:/ mda's [pa] za' ba dang khrag za ba dang rkang za ba dang [---]
(A2) sha za' ba dang shaza' ba dang tshIl za ba' dang myi gtsang ba za ba' [---]
(A3) la [^a?] za ba dang snab za ba' dang rnag za ba' dang gthor ma za ba' da[ng] [---]
(A4) 'bra bu za ba' dang lo thog za ba' dang bsro pa za ba' dang / / [---]
(A5) [gcho?] ba dang gnan to / / gun du rgyu bas byas pa'I rigs sngag[s] [---]
(A6) sngags gyIs gchado / gnano phyag bdag chen pos b[y]as [---]
(B1) [---][@@?] / bya 'pr[i]n [---] zhan pa[---] sle sa [zha?][---]
(B2) [---]bs pas myang [ma (/ngam)] nI snam myi bum [khu?][---] '[tsh]el zhan nI bong zh[---]
(B3) [---][j]o re pyIng bu nI pra[g] la kol khra[r] [ba?] ni lag du long @@@ / @@ / @
(B4) [---] [lha---] [bcu ni] g.yu 'I lo g.yu [zha? (/nya?)]] nI [gzhung?] la ['bo] g.yu
(B5) [---][g]ung sngo ni yan chi ldod dgung [sngo] g.yu gyI l[o] g.yu bur rnyIng gis bta
(B6) [---][@@?] / dgung la nI gos re [ne] [---] la ni [---] [zang?] [dor (/do re)] mdo nas nI gzhu
(B7) [---] s[---]In dru nI btsan [mo?] [---]r mdo nas bal bkal gyang rtsang du
(B8) [---] ni dgung la bdab gyes gyi ni ros myi bnga'
(B9) [---]