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Or.15000/123 (= M.Tagh. a. IV. 00133)
1. Content : Document, contract.
2. Note : Fragment. Lower left portion remains; probably the ending part of a contract.Li ku-li may be one of the witnesses. A finger-seal ('dzub-tshad) is partly visible in r2(inv) with a short vertical line near the right edge. Another inverted line must be part of another document. On verso a few characters, such as g, d, and gs, seem legible. Recto, 2 lines and 2 inverted lines, Verso, illegible.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.1: pl.185).
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.2: no.185)[I.Translit.].

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(r1) [---] [s d---] dang [li? ku?] lI lastsogs pa'i dpang [---]
(r2) gy[I---] btab pa
(r3) (inverted<) [---] lang las (>inverted)
(r4) (inverted<) [---] rad gy[i] 'dzub [tshad](>inverted)