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Or.15000/183 (= M.Tagh.b.I.0095)
1. Content : Document, letter type 3; list of watchmen.
2. Note : Complete. Recto, 5 lines with 1 inverted line. Verso, 6 lines. Recto is a letter from Lha-ri-skyes to Rgyal-bzher. The address is written by another hand up side down in the lower space, probably after the letter was folded. sos-kyis (r3) may mean "for cure, medical treatment." Verso is the lower part of a document by a diferent hand from recto regarding an arrangement of soldiers or guards (cf. Or.15000/9, 28, 62, 72, 102). The top and bottom edges are cut off; the paper with the verso text was cut and used to write the recto letter.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.1: pl.247).
Thomas (1951: 173-174, 410)[I.Translit.,I.Trans.], Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.2: no.247)[I.Translit.,P.Trans.].

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(r1) $ / : / jo co rgyal bzher kyi zha sngar / ### / lha ri skyes kyi mchid gsol ba / / bar du thugs bde'
(r2) 'i myi bde' mchid yi ge las snyund gsol zhing mchis / / khrom na yang cung rtsan dang snang bzher dang lha bzang las
(r3) stsogs pa la nong zho nI ma mchis / / rgyal zigs lha rtsa skyes kyang sos kyis yul du mchi zhes mchi na / bka' yi
(r4) ge dag sprlng ba mchis na bdag gi steng du yang skur bar gsol / / mchid yi ge 'dl gsold slan chad gyang nong
(r5) ma mchis thugs bde' bar smond cing mchis / / ###
(inv1) (inverted line<) ### jo cho rgyal bzher la la ### (>inverted line)
(v1)   stag rtse khri skugs 'jor na bod gsum / la /grom pa'I
(v2) sde mya tshes kong / myang ro'I sde lo nan myes chung / rtsal mo pag gl sde
(v3) snya shur stag bzang / ### (crossed out by oblique lines)
(v4) ### (crossed out by oblique lines)
(v5) bye ma 'dord kyl rtse na bod gnyls li gchlg /yang rtse gi sde phur myl rke dung / 'o tso pag gl sde sro
(v6) [---]I kro / tshard jam nya'I lI ce'u 'do / : : / ho tong gy[u] mo na bod gnyIs li gchig / phod kar gyI