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Or.15000/220 (= M.Tagh.b.II.0062)
1. Content : document,letter type 2
2. Note : compete. Originally folded, as shown in the plate in Stein_1951, where recto was folded inside. But recto is graffiti consisting of curses onnang-rje-poBtshan-do-re, while verso is a letter from Mkhar-sleb sto Lord'An-mdzes. ssal(v2) is written forstsal;'de for'di(v3);'pangsfor 'bangs(v3);pa's la(v4) forpa las. R5 and r1(vert) may be the form of address of the verso letter. Since the lower half of v5 is torn off, verso was written before recto. Possibly the recto graffiti were written on the back of the verso letter, then the paper was folded just like a letter. Recto, 5 lines and 1 inverted line. Verso, 5 lines.
3. References :
Stein(1921: Pl.CLXXII).Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.1: pl.284).
Thomas(1951:196).Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.2: no.284)[I.Translit.]

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(r1) $ / / nang rje po btshan do re ma rgyon smyon ba / / sring rgyon rgun ma
(r2) myI zad pa / shi 'byIs pas / / dgu shi ba' rgyon ma
(r3) rgyun ma mda' tshags pa'o rdol pho che chung
(r4) ### ma brgyos nas / / shing shan du spyugs
(r5) $ /: / jo cho khri rje 'pangs ###
(r6) (inverted>) $ /: la mkhar ( (v1) [---] ### / / cho bo 'an mdzes la / / ### / / mkhar slebs gyi mchid gsol ba'
(v2) [---] thugs bde myi bde mchid yi ge las snyun gsol zhing mchis na bka' {ssal}[READ: stsal] par
(v3) [---] yi ge 'de gsol slan chad rjes 'pangs thugs bde zhing snyun rgya 'o
(v4) [---] mchis / / 'u ten pyogs na bka' mchid ji gda' ba' ni so pa's la gsan pa' tsham
(v5) (illegible)