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Or.15000/264 (= M. I. i. 7)
1. Content : Document, contract?
2. Note : Fragment. Upper left portion remains. On recto two distinct texts are written inverted to each other. The text of 5 lines is probably a contract for loaning millet. Traces of round vermilion seals are visible to the right of r5, but too faint to count how many. The inverted text also speaks of payment ('bul-bar, ring), but is not likely to be a contract. Verso mentions millet as well, but too indistinctive for further identification. Recto, 5 lines with seals, and 4 inverted lines. Verso, 4 lines.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.1: pl.365).
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.2: no.365)[I.Translit.].

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(r1) / / skya tsa [---]'i khre [da] cIg 'bu [r]ma spe cung spun la [---]
(r2) [---] bgyis ste [']tshal zhes mchis na / [slad kyI kyIs khro] [---]
(r3) [kyIs mthu] [---pros] kyang mcId kyIs ma 'tshal / na spa cung spa[n---]
(r4) 'tshal bar bgyIs pa'I dpang la 'e ba zhang snang dang gla lhang bu las bs[tsog] [---]
(r5) spun gyi sug rgyas btab pa' / / (one or more round vermilion seals)
(inv1) (illegible)
(inv2) (inverted<) [---]n 'bul bar [---] zhing [---] (>inverted)
(inv3) (inverted<) [---] myi brtsan te / / blon g.yu sum rje [dpang?] [---] (>inverted)
(inv4) (inverted<) [---]g [---] 'chang du stsald / zhing ring ni bran khu [sto]n [---] (>inverted)
(v1) (illegible)
(v2) [---] ga lo tshun cad [---]
(v3) [---]l tang ['bre] zhin 'jal / bar bgyI ste rgya [gzhon? sug] [---]
(v4) dang ce btsan khre gnyis gyi rgya 'chang du sal pa 'd[I] b[---]