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Or.15000/284 (= M.I.ii.1.b)
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1. Content : contract; letter?
2. Note : Sheet. Recto, 4 lines and a seal? Verso, 7 lines?
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997-98: no.385)[I.Translit.].

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(r1) (illegible)
(r2) gyur gchig gIs bsnan te / rton [---]
(r3) rgyal bzang kho[ng] 'phan dang / ngor [po?][---]
(r4) sug rgya dang / khas len gyI rgyas b[---]
(v1) $ /:/ zhang po blon stag bzang la / **[---]
(v2) [brom? la?] zhig mchis // bka' stsal pa[---]
(v3) d[e]'[i] [---ul du] ma mchis par gy[u]r // gzh[---]
(v4) mchi[s? par] zhang pos nod par mol pa d[---]
(v5) [---] rma [---] ma bcas pa ni [---]
(v6) d bka nan [stsal? ste] brdzang ba tsam chig[---]
(v7) (illegible)