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Or.15000/431 (= M.I.xiv.114)
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1. Content : Nearly complete, but badly torn and smudged. Recto lists the amount of grain delivered to each person. Verso seems to be a contract for the sale of an ass.
2. Note : Sheet. Recto, 8 lines and 1 inverted line and a seal. Verso, 4 lines with seals.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.1 pl. 547)
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.2: no. 547)[I.Translit.].

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(r1) [---] [snga?] ['cha][---][/] / rmang legs khal gsum myi 'dzin brgyags khal gchig /
(r2) [---]l // dkar bcu [dru]g / rmang gzod bre bco lnga / rtses kong bco lnga / myes gzig /
(r3) [---] bre gsum / klu gso bre lnga / [dphyas] po rin bre bco lnga / rnga nog rin bre bcu /
(r4) [---] brgyad / zhIng pa [na pu] bre [bzhi] / sba ma gla bre bzhi / phyar ba gla pye g[ang?] [---] rin
(r5) [---]m [gdugs] pa / so zhing pa [gnen] rnams la bre re re thor thang la gtsal [---]
(r6) [---] gtogs pa gzhan rnams la rkya gchi[g] [kyang] phul tag lnga lnga [god?] / rtse[---] bre
(r7) [---] su rin dkar bre gsum / [bam?] [phying?] rin bre bzhi / ### [---] ###
(r8) [---]d phul [---] bzhI / / (a round vermilion seal)
(r9) (inverted line<) [rmang] [---] lag yIg ### (>inverted line)
(v1) [---] /[nen?] tsheng tsheng gi bong dgre'u gcig mja[l] [---] [spo] rtags
(v2) [---] na 'bras ci 'byang yang sam / la [---] zhIg gyis rngo gzang ste / rngo shur [bar] gyur
(v3) [---] / jIn lha bzher dang ban de yI'u se ge [---]
(v4) [---]gi sug pa btab pa' / / ### (two round vermilion seals)