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Or.15000/432 (= M.I.xiv.115)
1. Content : Recto, a loan contract. Verso, a document concerning fields (zhing dor).
2. Note : Fragment of a sheet. The left part and the end of the text are missing. Recto, 7 lines. Verso, 6 lines.
3. References :
Recto, Takeuchi (1995: pl. 53). Recto and verso,Takeuchi (1997-98: pl.548).
Takeuchi (1995: 301-302)[P.Translit., P.Trans.], Takeuchi (1997-98: no. 548)[I. Translit.], Takeuchi (2016: 332-333)[P.Translit., P.Trans.].

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(r1) 'brugi lo'i dbyar ka lde khlu gso'i bu [lon] [---]
(r2) 'bul ba'i dus ni lan 'di'i ston sla ra ba [---]
(r3) d kyi stong [gra]s gcalde 'bul bar bgyis [---]
(r4) rnam gsum myi 'tsal bar dam rgya [---]
(r5) chi la bab kyang rung ste / phrogs [---]
(r6) b[rd]ab par b[gy]i[s] [---]
(r7) [---]
(v1) [---] zigs dang blon stag gzigs khrom mog le ra /
(v2) [---] pa myes s[---]or [gnyisla / dru] cum gi rje [zhing] dor /
(v3) [---]I se [m?]os [pa na?]s [sved?] kyi [g---] nag shod pa rtsig /
(v4) [---]s mchis slar phogs nas / / smad /
(v5) [---] gzigs gnyisla ka lde khlu gso
(v6) [---] dbyangste / b[---]