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Or.15000/472 (= M.I.xxiv.0034)
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1. Content : A loan contract and a document for petition.
2. Note : Fragment of a sheet. Recto, 9 lines of probably a sort of petition regarding a trouble over repayment. R4-r9 are written in much smaller characters Verso, 7 lines of probably a loan contract.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.1: pl.588).
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.2: no.588)[I.Translit.].

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(r1) [---]s ma bgyis pa n[---]
(r2) [---]bul bris pa 'dI ni lhag chad ma [---]
(r3) [---] [gli?] bzung gI tshe byang bu las [br?]is pa la[---]
(r4) [---]d nas / / bdag cag la brdul pa las / / rtse rje tsho [---]
(r5) [---] ji bchad [byung ba] kla rma / 'bre khra khra rnams gyIs d[---]
(r6) [---]'I / / lang khong sme rmas pa'I mchId nas geb [---]
(r7) [---] 'tshal nas / / gnyar pa lan [skya?] cI[g][---]
(r8) [---]I / / rag wa gsas la rton rna[---]
(r9) [---] gI[---]
(v1) [---]
(v2) [---] la chags ste bul [---]
(v3) [---] phul na gyurte kho na'i nor phyugs [---]
(v4) [---] mchis par [---]
(v5) [---] 'i dpang [---]
(v6) [---] la stsog ngag tsang sum [---]
(v7) [---] yig tshad gyis [---]