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Or.8212/1509 (= M.Tagh.091)
1. Content : Document, letter type 3.
2. Note : Complete. Recto, 4 lines and 1 line(inv). Verso, 1 line and 1 line(vert). A letter from Btsan-lod to Khag (郭) lha-skyes. Complete except for the lower left corner being torn off. Three creases indicate that it was once folded. The form of address was written on verso of the folded paper (not included in Plates). Note that sol is written for gsol (v1). The inverted line on recto is probably the beginning of another letter. Paper shape and writing style resemble Or.8212/1853.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.1: pl.6).
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.2: no.6)[I.Translit.].

Transliteration   (Change the Display Format)

(r1) $ / khag lha skyes la // // btsan lod / gyis mchid gsol ba / so pa la / mchid gyis
(r2) rmas na / thugs bde zhes mthos de bdag ngand pa glo ba / dga' zhing mchis
(r3) slan chad gyang thugs bde ba dang / chab srid mtho bar / smondo / glo ba myi rgyud pa 'i /
(r4) tshan ma [---]n bul gang / khong brod la / skur zhing mchis na bzhes bar ji gnang
(inv1) $ :/ nang pho lha dang dra ba ###
(v1) / lha skyes la sol ###
(vert1) ### ba ###