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Or.8212/1924 (= M.Tagh.0419)
1. Content : Document, letter type 3?
2. Note : Fragment. Recto, 7 lines. Verso, 3 lines and 1 inverted line. Recto is the left portion of probably a letter. Only the first few syllables of each line remain. ra (rl) may be the title ra-sang-rje of the addressee. On verso the end of each line and the beginning of the inverted line appear; apparently written by a different hand from recto. May be letter drafts.
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(r1) $ /:/ ra [s][---]
(r2) rngo thog [pa] [---]
(r3) bdag [l][---]
(r4) don gyang [m][---]
(r5) mad ri zu[---]
(r6) skyesu g[so][---]
(r7) zhal tho[ng][---]
(inv1) (inverted<) $ / / bring [---] (>inverted)
(v1) [---]l ba' / /
(v2) [---] yra
(v3) [---] der