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Pelliot tibetáin 1090
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(a) ]b dado/ chen po stor ba nyId la chags
(b) (written on a small patch over the text a>)$ /:/ bar (<written on a small patch over the text a)
(c) [bud mid?] [---]’I gnang chen lagso /
(d) su yang ma stegs shig /
(e) [ba?] lce’i ‘og na rgang shing chug shIg /
(f) lce’i ‘o
(g) rgya
(h) shag
(i) nang nge
(j) na nang
(k) (inverted>) ] nang rje [gag nam cha]
(l) $ /:/ na[m?] pur [rna]g $
(m) [na?] thog[s]
(n) [---]gag chan mkha[b] [nyag] [---]
(A) (a drawing of a woman)
(B) (a drawing of a cloud?)
(C) (a drawing of a man inverted)
(D) (a drawing of flowers)
(E) (a drawing of a horse face)