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Pt_1208 + [Pt_1221]   -- The text is divided between two parts.
Pelliot tibétain 1208 + Pelliot tibétain 1221
1. Content : Ledgers for loaning wheat.
2. Note : This text is divided into two manuscripts: Pt_1208 consists of a large oblong sheet of paper glued together with two fragmentary sheets, and Pt_1221 is a fragmentary sheet of paper. The beginning and the end are missing. Recto, consists of two texts: (A) a ledger for loaning of wheat (Pt_1208:1-12), and (B) another ledger for loaning of wheat (Pt_1208: 13-14 and Pt_1221:1-11). The beginning lines of Text B is not visible because they are overlaid with Pt_1208. Verso, Chinese verse.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1995: pl. 34).
Takeuchi (1995: 85-87) )[I.Trans.], Takeuchi (1995: 252-256)[I.Translit., I.Trans.], Takeuchi (2016: 84-87) )[I.Trans.], Takeuchi (2016: 272-277)[I.Translit., I.Trans.].

Transliteration   (Change the Display Format)

(A1) [---][g].yar du mno[ste] / slar 'bul ba'I gtan pa [bam bu]r tshe dang dngos
(A2) [---] / / (a round vermilion seal) ### rgod sar gyi sde cang [stagu?] tshan bam [stag?] [legs] [gyi]is
(A3) [---] gchig zhig snga g.yar du mnoste / slar 'bul ba'i gtan pa bam [dze? shang] dang dngos
(A4) [---] ['brang] la bcas / (three Chinese characters) ### / snying tshoms [gyI] sde ^im ka [---]
(A5) [---][is] gro khal gnyis shig snga g.yar du mnoste / slar 'bul ba'i gtan pa dngos
(A6) [---] brang dang / bu dar ta la bcas / / dpang po dze'u lang tshe'i rgyas btab pa / (a round vermilion seal)
(A7) [---] rgod sar gyi sde / sag khun tshe'i tshan 'ba hor tshe gis gro khal phye dang bzhi
(A8) [---][gsum] zhig snga g.yar [du] [m]noste / slar 'bul ba'i gtan pa 'ba'
(A9) [---] la bcas / / (Inverted line<) 'ba' ^an ta'i sug yig tshad (>Inverted line) rgod sar gyis sde / dze'u
(A10) [---] tshen tshen gis gro [---] mnoste / slar 'bul [pa]'i gtan pa [s?]o [sh?]o ^ab [---]
(A11) [---] (Inverted line<) la tshen tshen [gy]I sug yig tsha[d] (>Inverted line) wang rma snang gyI tshan shIg ^an tshe gis gro khal bzhi snga g.yar du 'tshal te / slar ston phul
(A12) [pa'i] gtan pa dngos dang pha shIg sik la bcaste / kho ta'i sug rgya dang sug yig tshad gyis btab pa' / (a round vermilion seal)
(B1) [---] la bcaste / khong ta gnyis gyI (Pt_1221, B1<) sug rgya dang sug yig tshad gyis (>Pt_1221, B1) (Pt_1208, B1<) btab pa' / (Inverted line<) dze'u h[i]ng gI sug [yig tshad] (>Inverted line)(>Pt_1208, B1)
(B2) [---] stong sar gyi sde sheg pu she'i (Pt_1221, B2<) tshan / sheg [---] [g.ya]r du mnoste / pa dag le[g]