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Pelliot tibétain 2124
1. Content : A ledger for the loaning of grain by a temple.
2. Note : Sheet. The beginning and the left half are missing. Recto, 16 lines of a ledger in Tibetan, which can be divided into three distinct paragraphs; text A through text C. Pièce 1 of Pt_2125, which consists of one large sheet and five small fragments labeled pièce 1 through pièce 5, bears a part of a hand-letter-measure in Tibetan. It should be annexed to Pt_2124 (l.13). Verso, a name register of Chinese inhabitants of Dunhuang in Chinese script.
3. References :
ChoixII (pl. 628), Takeuchi (1995: pl. 31).
Takeuchi (1995: 79-82)[I.Trans.], Takeuchi (1995: 238-241)[I.Translit., I.Trans.], Takeuchi (2016: 77-78)[I.Trans.], Takeuchi (2016: 256-160)[I.Translit., I.Trans.].

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(A1) [---]n gis nas khal drug dang [---]
(A2) [---] [sde g]no stag [rt]on dang dru gu lha cung dang dru gu a se je gol gis nas khal phye dang
(A3) [---] [gci]g gi 'jal gnya gcig gIs bgyis / [slar?] 'bul ba 'i dus nI lug gi lo'i dgun sla
(A4) [---] ['byung pa bzh]in du ban de [---] lha [li] [---]o [---] [ru] 'bul bar bgyis / slad [gi]s drugu lha [cung]
(A5) [---] dang bre phye dang do 'tsald pa [te / ] dus gong ma da[ng]
(A6) [---] [te] khon ta rnams gyi sug rgya dang sug yIg tshad dang dpang po gno mang legs dang gno
(A7) [---] rgyas btab pha //
(A7a) (inverted line<) dru gu a se 'i sug yig (>inverted line) (seven round vermilion seals)
(B1) [---] 'i dbyar 'dun sa dar ma sa dkon mchog [gi] gstsangstsang las / / [---][u] [sgyur] snga g.yar du lha ris zha pa'i /
(B2) [---] s[p]es nas gsum 'tshal pa dang / khri [thang] sog pos nas khal gsum 'tshal pa 'di rnams gcig gi /
(B3) [---] ['bul pa'i dus ni lan 'di'i dgun sla 'brin [po] nya la dam gi glad nan [las] 'byung
(B4) [---][bgy]is / / dus der ma phul tam gya gyu [bgyi]s par gyur na gcig las gnyis
(B5) [---] bgyis ste / khong ta gnyis gyi sug rgya sug yig tshad dpang po [---]
(B6a) (Pt_2125 pièce 1<) [---] rgyas btab/ (>Pt_2125 pièce 1)
(B6b) (inverted line<) [---] yI 'dzub tshad (>inverted line) (three round vermilion seals)
(C1) [---] [g]nyis 'tshal te / g[nya?] tsha[n] [---][i] khyi spe dang khri thang sog po /
(C2) [---] rgya sug yig tshad gyis btab [pa]'i / dpang la skyogs /
(C3) [---] ### / las stsogs pa'i dpang rgyas btab pa[' //]
(C3a) (four round vermilion seals)