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1. Content : Writing exercise of a letter
2. Note : scroll. Complete text. Recto, a Chinese work, Archives of Hare Garden part 1 with preface. Verso, eight lines of Tibetan. A draft of a letter. According to Takeuchi 1990, it is classified as Type III, with greeting pattern 1: private letters.
3. References :
Iwao et al (2012: pl. 8)
Giles (1957: no.7280), Iwao et al (2012: 32) [I.Translit.].

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(1) $ /:/ nang rje po blon stag [---]gang gro pag thang ma [la] mchid gsol ba' /
(2) na[ng] rje po blon klu bzang do [g---] [nya?] gz[i]gs dang blon stag zher dang /
(3) zhang blon ching po 'i phyag rgya stong pon khang stags to re sa hva
(4) do zhun dang / si'u hva dang / ya[---] b[---] rgya sde gnyi lnga bcu rkang
(5) na shung dang / 'bangs gyi mchid g[---] dang 'dab / so rgam
(6) gyi zha snga nas / sag grang na / dus ni sag mkhan
(7) ni btsan to re / mya'o gyang yig
(8) [---]g kyang yig gy[i] bro /