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1. Content : A divination method according to the Twelve Nidānas.
2. Note : fragment. Recto, The Chinese sūtra Miaofa lianhua jing 妙法蓮華経. Verso, 8 lines of five Tibetan texts.
3. References :
Giles (1957: no.2737), Iwao et al (2012: 59-60) [I.Translit.].

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(1) chi
(2) dza ra ma ra nyi ma la / shar phyogs su song na nad dang {dang} phrad /
(3) lho phyogs su song na gtam snyan pa dang phrad / nub phyogs su song na
(4) rkun po dang phrad / byang phyogs su song na myur du khor /
(5) [yig (/yin)] gsol bda['] /
(6) sangs rgyas dang byang chub
(7) sa
(8) mngon