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1. Content : Writing exercise of a letter.
2. Note : Single sheet. Complete text. Recto, extracts from various Chinese sūtra. Verso, four lines of Tibetan. A draft of a letter. According to Takeuchi 1990, it is classified as Type III, with greeting pattern 1: private letters.
3. References :
Iwao et al (2012: pl. 37).
Giles (1957: no.4649), Iwao et al (2012: 68) [I.Translit.].

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(1) $ / / nang rje po blon stag stong zigs gyI zha snga / / stag skyes gyI mchid gsol ba' / / lha dpal 'phrul
(2) dang 'dra ba'i zha snga nas / / thugs bde 'am myI bde mchId yi ge las gsol zhIg mchIs na / / bka'
(3) stsald pa tsam du cI gnang / / slan cad kyang thugs bde zhing / / sku tsha rI chab srId mtho zhing
(4) nas khal gcIg dang / gro khal drug dang / khrI khal gsum dang / 'bras bre gang / zha zha zha zha zha zha zha