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Or.15000/411 (= M.I.xiv.62.f)
1. Content : Document, letter type 2?
2. Note : Fragment. Recto is the upper middle part of a document. R1 gives the date "on the [. . .] of the last spring month of [. . .] year." "Horse commander Rngog phyI-zigs" seems to be mentioned in r2. Upper part of a character is visible on the bottom edge, suggesting that the text continues. Verso is a different document, probably a letter of type 2. Personal names, such as Lha-bzang(v1), Klu-stsol(v2), and -legs(v3), are legible. Text seems to have originally consisted of three lines. Verso must have been written after recto.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.1: pl.527).
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.2: no.527)[I.Translit.][P.Trans.].

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(r1) [---]འྀ་ལོའི་དཕྱིདd[phyid] སླ[s]la མཐ་ཅུངས་ཚེསtshe[s] [---]
(r2) [---]ཆྀབསchI[b]s དཔོནdp[o]n རྔོག་ཕྱྀphy[I] ཟྀགས། བློན་[---]
(r3) [---]ལ་མདའ་[ཁྲའི?]ལྷོ་ལོ་[?] [---]
(r4) (inverted<) [---]ལྷ་བཟང་གྱིས་###[---] (>inverted)
(r5) (inverted<) [---]s ཤིག་ཆུ་རབ་ལ་[རང་ཀླུ]སྩོལ་ལ་[---] (>inverted)
(r6) (inverted<) [---]ལེགས་ཀྱྀས་སྤྲིང་ངོ། (>inverted)