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Or.15000/417 (= M.I.xiv.108.l)
1. Content : Document, contract?
2. Note : Fragment. Lower left corner remains. No doubt from the same ms. as Or.15000/416. R3 mentions a Chinese female bondservant. R6 says "the private seal of Rmang-slebs is hereby affixed." On verso are the last two lines of a different document. An officialblonLegs-bzang appears in v2. See Or.15000/416. Recto, 6 lines. Verso, 2 lines.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.1: pl.533).
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.2: no.533)[I.Translit.][P.Trans.].

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(r1) (illegible)
(r2) [---] [---ཨུ---]དང། [---]སྟོང་gs[---]
(r3) [---m]chid ནས། ཁྱི་བལ་རྒྱ་བྲན་[མོ] [---]
(r4) [---]n བདག་ལ་སྨན་ཡོན་མྱི་ཐོསtho[s] [---]
(r5) [---]ཤིག་ཅེས་མཆི་ནས་སླན་[ཆད] [---]
(r6) རྨངrma[ng] སླེབས་གྱི་སུག་རྒྱས་བཏབ་པའ་[---]
(v1) (iilegible)
(r2) [---]l རྒྱ་དང་བློན་ལེགས་བཟངbza[ng] [---]