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Or.8212/1897 (= M.Tagh.0233)
1. Content : Document, letter type 3
2. Note : Fragment. Recto, 5 lines. Verso, 1 line, 1 inverted line and 1 vertical line. Upper left portion. The form of address is missing on recto due to paper damage (r1–r2); only greetings are partly legible (r3–r5). Verso seems to be the form of address of the recto letter.
3. References :
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.1: pl.24).
Takeuchi (1997-98, vol.2: no.24)[I.Translit.].

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(r1) ༄༅། [---]
(r2) སྔར༎ [---]
(r3) སྔ་ནས། རྟག་[དུ་ཐུགས] [---]
(r4) པ་མ་མཆྀས་པར་འདྀ་[---]
(r5) [---] [བདག] [---]
(v1) མཆྀད་གསོལ་###
(inv1) (inverted<) [---]gs འྀ (>inverted)
(vert1) (vertical<) [---] [---]འདོན'do[n] ### (>vertical)