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Pelliot tibétain 1088_1
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1. Content : Draft of a contract for the sale of a cow.
2. Note : Fragment. There are three paper fragments under the text number Pt_1088: namely, Pt_1088 A, B, and C. A contract for a cow sale (Pt_1088_1) and a contract for borrowing wheat (Pt_1088_2) are found both on fragment A. Last two lines of this text are found in another fragment, and the connection between the first 9 lines and them are unclear.
3. References :
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(1) // yos bu lo 'i dpyid / / kva cu khroms gyi 'dun sa / sug chu btab pa'i [la]n la /
(2) {dmag pon blon khrom legs dang / blon rgyal tsan dang / blon klu dog rje la stsogs}
(3) {pas} / stong sar gyi sde / kvag [rnga]ng shi'u dmar srang gsum gyis [b]og du / rgod
(4) sar gyi sde / sag dge bstan la ba rmad gchig mjal pa'i spu rtag
(5) dang rus tshugs la ba nag po rva gchig ma mchis pa gchig mjal
(6) te / ba slad gyi bla 'og nas zhal ce che phrag ji 'byung 'am bdag po zhig
(7) [gu]d na 'byungste / ba shol par gyur ram dge bstan mchid gyi 'tshal bar bgyis
(8) brgya la dge bstan gyi yul du bsk[u]l tam khus ma slebs dam gong nas [s]mos
(9) pa bzhin mchid gyi 'tshal bar bgyis pa'i kha [le nas / ]
(10) (separate fragment) phral du [rnga]ng shi ['u] gi sgor 'bul phar bgyis pa'i dpang la / [---]
(11) [---] ci na mchid gyi 'tshal zhing bskyin bza[ng rab] [---]