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Pelliot tibétain 2220
1. Content : Receipt for payment for a house.
2. Note : Sheet. Upper right corner is missing due to damage to the paper, and the ending parts of the first 5 lines are unknown. Recto, 7 lines. Verso, 1 line of a heading is written. The signature of the buyer in Chinese script are found on line 5 and 8.
3. References :
ChoixII (pl. 433), Takeuchi (1995: pl. 11).
Takeuchi (1995: 41-42)[I.Trans.], Takeuchi (1995: 165-166)[I.Translit., I.Trans.], Takeuchi (2016: 41-42)[I.Trans.], Takeuchi (2016: 175-177)[I.Translit., I.Trans.].

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(r1) /:/ byI ba lo'i ston / / cang syang 'do dang bu ban de phab lIg spad la[s] [---]
(r2) khyed gcig 'jal ba'I rin rgya sheg bcu [bzhi?] lus pa'I nang na / [---]
(r3) [g]sum khon ta spad la gtad / ston sla tha cungs tshes bcu sum [la] [---]
(r4) bre bzhi ban de phab lig dang song tshe'u tshe'u spun gyi khang pa m[---]
(r5) ban de phab lIg dang [song] tshe'u tshe'u bul rgyas btab pa' / / (two Chinese scripts) so[ng][---]
(r6) /:/ dgun sla ra ba tshes nyI shu dgu'I gdugs la nas rgya sheg bzhI ban de
(r7) phab lIg dang / song ken ken la tshang bar gtad de bul rgya btab
(r8) pa' / / (three Chinese scripts)
(v1) [---][cang] syang 'do spad la khang pa mjal ba'I bul rgya' /